The 467th Subscription Concert

The 467th Subscription Concert

Subscription Concerts

6:45pm, Friday April 19 / 4:00pm, Saturday April 20, 2019

Aichi Prefectural Arts Theater, the Concert Hall


  • Max POMMER, Conductor

  • Ales BARTA, Organ

  • Eri NAKAMURA, Soprano

  • Akiko TOMIOKA, Mezzo soprano

  • Jun SUZUKI, Tenor

  • Kei YONASHIRO, Baritone

  • Okazaki Mixed Chorus & Aichi Prefectural Okazaki High School Chorus Club, Chorus

  • Satoko KONDO, Chorus Master

  • <p><strong>Max POMMER,</strong> Conductor</p>
  • <p><strong><span>Ales BARTA, </span></strong><span>Organ</span></p>
  • <p><strong><span>Eri NAKAMURA, </span></strong><span>Soprano</span></p>
  • <p><strong><span>Akiko TOMIOKA,</span></strong><span> Mezzo soprano</span></p>
  • <p><strong><span>Jun SUZUKI, </span></strong><span>Tenor</span></p>
  • <p><strong><span>Kei YONASHIRO,</span></strong><span> Baritone</span></p>
  • <p><strong><span>Okazaki Mixed Chorus & Aichi Prefectural Okazaki High School Chorus Club,</span></strong><span> Chorus</span></p>


M. Reger Variations and Fugue on a Theme of W. A. Mozart, Op.132

M. Reger Introduction and Passacaglia in F minor, Op.63 [Organ Solo]

W. A. Mozart Requiem in D minor, K.626 [F. Süßmayr version]


S: ¥7,200

A: ¥6,200

B: ¥5,100

C: ¥4,100

D: ¥3,100

Y: ¥1,000 (Only for 25 years old or less)


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